MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 1 – Reveiling the golden Buddha within


“Today I begin a new life.”

On Sunday I officialy have started my MKMMA-journey and this quote above is a sentence in a chapter of the book The Greatest Salesman in the World, what I am reading this week as a home-assignment three times a day. I am very pleased and honoured that I am selected in this course and being able to start this new journey.

Several months ago I’ve read about the MKMMA and immediately I wanted to know more. At that moment I already had the impression that this course was a great course to follow and that I wanted to apply for it. Yet, I had to wait until a few weeks ago, until the application-process started. My excitement was very hugh when I heard that I could participate together with some other great people I know. For those who never heard about the MKMMA: The MKMMA-journey is a self-action course of six months to reveil the golden Buddha within us which is covered with “cement”. This metaphor refers to a story that several centeries ago when the city Bangkok was under siege, the Golden Buddha was covered with cement to hide it, to prevent it from getting stolen. After the war, this secret got lost. In 1955, by accident, the covering plaster was partly broken when it was moved to a new building. So at that time they “rediscovered” the Golden Buddha.


Bangkok Traimit Golden Buddha 5


In my personal opinion, everyone has a golden Buddha in him/herself, yet it’s not always visuable because of the “cover of cement”. We all have cement, aka patterns, habits, thoughts that doesn’t reflect the true self. And this course is to get this cement off. It’s of no need, it doesn’t serve me anymore. Getting the “cement” off doen’t happen overnight, you have to do something for it. Non-supporting habits are created over time, so it needs time to create new ones, to substitute them. So from this week on my schedule is different, different because we have several assignments. Reading 3x a day, sit still for 15 minutes a day, writing a blog and some other things. This all is set together to create the new habits, habits that will contribute in finding my life’s purpose and to reveal my true potential.


And how was my experience the first days since Sunday? Well, the webinar on Sunday was a great kick-off. And on Monday-morning I immediately started with the first assignment. At the moment it feels quite busy to fit everything in, but it also feels great to do. I have to make some adjustments to get it planned better, but that is “work on progress”. One other thing I like about this, is that there are several other people I know who are selected. We already share experiences, give each other tips and motivate each other to do the assignments. And I already am noticing some slight changes in myself. So, yes I am really looking forward to this coming 6 months and dive in deep to get my golden Buddha reveiled.


Golden buddha


Do you have a comment or a question about this blog? Please let me know. I love to read it.


For now I also wish for you a happy life. May you also find your golden Buddha!



With love,



8 thoughts on “Week 1 – Reveiling the golden Buddha within

  1. Your insights are beautifully written and I share in in your thoughts!

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  2. Chantal, beautiful, I love it! The gold in you is already visible from outside, and sharing your experience like you do with others will indeed accelerate the elimination of the cement.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The golden buddha is such a great metaphor of life. Looking forward to hearing more from your journey. Make it a Super-Fantastic day!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Chantal – like you I’m looking forward to revealing the Golden Buddah within. It’s going to be an interesting journey for all of us and we are so lucky to have this great opportunity.

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