MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 2 – Blue here, rectangle there, blue rectangle everywhere


Did you ever have the experience when you bought or wanted to buy something very special, let’s say a very unique car, all of a sudden you see this car everywhere you go? In front of you in a traffic jam, on a billboard, in a magazine, etc. Well, this isn’t “all of a sudden” as it may seem. Probably your subconscious mind (= subby) is now selecting out this special car out of the thousands of impressions it gets so that you can recognize it in your conscious mind.


Something like this is happening in my mind this week, but then with “blue”, “rectangles” and “blue rectangles”. Oh oh and it sure is mindblowing. One assignment for this week is to recognize “blue” and “rectangles” as much as possible, connecting that with the words “Do it now” and with another task and my personal pivotal needs.  Reason for this is to “reprogram” my subby, starting with small and easy steps, so that I have billions of synaptic connections in my subby working for me in a pre-defined direction.


So on Monday-morning, still in the high energy from the webinar the evening before, I was on my way to my job, seeing all those blue road signs, blue cars, blue clothing of bikers, rectangle license plates, rectangle signs on the road and my mind was saying Do it now, do it now, do it now at a very high speed. After driving a few minutes all of a sudden, I was waiting for a traffic light,  I saw a large building made out of bricks.  Most dutch bricks are rectangles and about 19 by 6,5 cm (about 7,5 by 2,5 inches). Normally nothing special about it. But now, because of this assignment and the high energy of that great webinar my mind was going faster and faster and faster, saying Do it now, do it now, do it now. Comparing the speed of my mind and the speed of the running cartoon figure Speedy Gonzalez, well my mind went much faster than Speedy Gonzalez. I just couldn’t keep track and to be honest it was a bit too much. As being someone who wants to do tasks right I have some tendency to get over-enthousiastic and so I did also on this early Monday-morning. I just had to say to myself I could go a bit slower on this task. And I am glad I recognized this tendency early in this week, because without overdoing it I am still seeing a lot of “blue rectangles”. I have heard about this principle before, but being so active with this assignment certainly it gives me new insights.


One important question I didn’t mention yet. Does this simple “Blue rectangle” assignment help me? Yes, it sure is, even after just four days.  Slowly with small steps I notice more changes from within. And because these are positive changes this is the start of new positive habits and I am definitely liking this.

And for the other small assignment – reorganizing a spot in my livingroom into a small studydesk – well this is planned for Saterday. So that will be accomplished too.


Have a great day!


With love,



16 thoughts on “Week 2 – Blue here, rectangle there, blue rectangle everywhere

  1. I can picture you in your car, seeing blue rectangles everywhere…. and a mind that goes in maximum gear!


  2. Hi Chantal, superhyped haha. Love to read that! Another ‘blue’ brick in the wall. Wish you a wonderful journey!


  3. Great post…love the description of your mind racing — seeing blue, rectangles, and blue rectangles everywhere and the building…love that thought. I hadn’t thought of that. You also inspired me to press through and get everything done today as assigned and I’m going right now to “do it now!” Looking forward to your next entry.


  4. Keep the blue rectangles coming


  5. Hi Chantal, I really can see and hear you doing this. Even I can feel it.
    By the way, what is the colour of your car?


  6. Great post – I can identify with the racing thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Chantal, I really like your post about the bue rectangels. There are so many to see if you´re focused on.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Great post Chantel – I really relate with the loads of thoughts & lots of rectangles.


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