MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 4 – Contemplating about the “I”


For this week I like to write about some text in part 4 of the Master Key System, about the “I”. Haanel writes as follows:

1. The “I” of you is not the psysical body; that is simply an instrument which the “I” uses to carry out its purposes; the “I” cannot be the Mind, for the mind is simply another instrument which the “I” uses with which to think, reason and plan.

2. The “I” must be something which controls and directs both the body and the mind; something which determines what they shall do and how they shall act. When you come into the realization of the true nature of this “I”, you will enjoy a sense of power which you have never before known.


What wonderful words to start chapter 4. I really enjoy reading this. It so relates with the following text “I am not my body, I am not my mind. I am just a breath of life, breath of life, breath of life”. These words are an extract of a Kundalini Yoga-meditation (coming from the Sikh-culture). For years I went weekly to a Kundalini Yoga-class and did on and off some yoga and meditation at home, which I all really enjoyed. Recently I started again practising some Kundalini Yoga-meditation and this is not a coincidence with being on this MKMMA-journey. Because of the connection I see between these words of Haanel and the meditation, reading these words from Haanel about the “I” are like a sort of “home-coming”. So this week was in a certain way a week of contemplation.




One reflection I want to adress in this blog. Point 9 and 10 of the chapter of Haanel gives us the powerful affirmation “I can be what I will to be” and to everytime I repeat this to realize who and what this “I” is, coming to a thorough understanding of the “I”. We also got 4 Laws of Giving and Recieving. Law 4 says “I promise to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich because I know I am in the dynamic flow of giving and recieving”.  If you are connected to the higher source of the “I” (call it God, Allah, Buddha, Universal Energy or whatever you like to name it) the “I” in law 4 will always be without expectation of reciprocity. The expectation of reciprocity is something of the Ego, the mind, not from the Higher Source. So by connecting these two I get a deeper understanding that whenever I give something and I have more or less, even if it is a tiny tiny bit, the feeling of expecting something in return I know I am not connected to the Higher Source. Beautiful!


thank you language


To end this blog I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for my mom and dad for all they have given (may they rest in peace), for all the teachers (also to those educated by life and perhaps didn’t know they were or are a teacher for me), for my lovely family, friends and dear ones, for all the experiences which brought me to this feeling of abundance, to my wonderful friend and teacher who introduced me to Kundalini Yoga. And a thank you for the ones introducing me to Gerda, which lead to meeting Mariska, which lead me to Mark J. , the Fabelous Davene and their team, so that I now am on a wonderful journey which really gives me a lot , on so many different levels.


With love,



7 thoughts on “Week 4 – Contemplating about the “I”

  1. Thank you thank you thank you. Love the specific areas you highlighted for me this week.

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  2. So wonderful how we can tie so much of life together. Linking it to lessons or memories. Namaste

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  3. Id love to comment on this statement in your post: “the “I” in law 4 will always be without expectation of reciprocity. The expectation of reciprocity is something of the Ego, the mind, not from the Higher Source.” You helped bring clarity of purpose here when you shared that. Linking the ego to reciprocity was out of my radar.. thank you for helping me see that. Keep up your writing. It’s very comforting! xo

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  4. My children had a pet hamster a few months ago and it was sick and I was nursing it. One evening I knew I had to hold it. It was so amazing this instinct that I just dropped everything to sit with it. After 15 or so minutes it took its last breath. It was so profound to have something alive in your hands and in one last breath not. I love your insight!

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  5. Hiya Chantal – I enjoyed reading your blog – thank you, merci, danke …………

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  6. I like to read your blog and enjoy the relationships that you know to make.
    Everything that happened was clearly meant to be. I am glad I met you.

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  7. Great post – thanks so much for sharing – look forward to reading more

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