MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 5 – Chain of Happiness


For this week a short blog with a small, nice experience. It was a nice reconfirmation how things work if you give with love and without expectation and recieve with a open heart.


take a smile2


Earlier this week I saw on Facebook a video of a fellow MKMMA-er Celeste Jonson where she recorded a song to get some sentences in which we speak out loud everyday. For me music can give me a real boost of energy and I also use it when I want to have a shift in mindset. I immediately got a smile on my face when I watched the recording of Celeste. I liked the lyrics but also her great sense of humour, her infectious laugh and that she was doing this because she liked it and wanted to share this with the fellow MKMMA-members. On my iPhone I have some music downloaded which I like and I can listen to offline when I on my way, so I also downloaded this recording.


be happy and sing around


On Friday this download was very useful. I was at my work and I noticed I could use a shift of energy. So I played the recording of Celeste and again big smile on my face. Yeaha for Celeste! Later that day I was looking for something to help a customer and while searching at my computer I was humming and “dancing” on my chair, still being in a positive mood with a great boost of energy. Later today in a short break I was reading scroll 1 of the book The Greatest Salesman in the World, silently but with movement and with enthusiasm. All this didn’t go by unnoticed. A colleague started smiling and getting a great mood also and she started asking some questions. So I explained something about being personally responsible for your feelings and the way you react if things aren’t going the way you want it to be (I got a slight impression she took something out of it. Great for her!). At the end of our shift another colleague also started dancing. Positive energy in tha house….. 😉 So, it was great to see (once again) how a small personal decision to have a different energy can have a chain of impact. It all started with Celeste, she started this small chain and by giving this, I could recieve and give also. Thanks again, Celeste! For those who want to visit Celeste’s blog, click here. And her video…



With love,



10 thoughts on “Week 5 – Chain of Happiness

  1. I have the same with the Youtube from Celeste, I can really relate to it. Great you see that your outer world is reacting. It’s like a little wrinkle in the water… The beauty can only become bigger 🙂

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  2. This is gonna stick in my head! Im dancing in the chair with you! LOL!

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  3. Nice, Catherine! Let’s dance!! 🙂


  4. Thanks for posting the utube link – smiled all the way through!


  5. How awesome! Thank you for sharing – I truly needed and enjoyed this “pick me up”!


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  7. A shining example of the creative genius that can come from the power that resides within us all!! Celestite, brillient!!! It works so well with that song, and you get those pivotal exercises!!


    Great Job!!!



  8. Reblogged this on Rewa Rukario's Master Key and commented:
    This is increadible! Way to go Celeste!! 🙂

    Very inspiring!



  9. I agree Pattie – I love Celeste’s recording and play it every day. Thank you Celeste! Find myself singing it as I work…havent checked out if there has been any customer reaction (i work in a supermarket) but I must say I do get asked a lot for help!!


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