MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 6 – Limitlessness


Past week was a bit of a challenging week to do the tasks of the MKMMA-journey every day in the described sequence. On Tuesday the old blueprint came to say hello again. I noticed what was happening, but couldn’t completely reverse it. So I struggled this week to get my routine back in doing the reading, sit and the small assignments. In a way this is funny, because I know that it’s not that big of a deal doing the stuff and that it wil give a good feeling completing it. So why is it sometimes challenging? Well, the subconscious sees your future self as a complete stranger. Would you do something several times a day, every single day, for a complete stranger? Thankfully I am in a different energy again. Why? I choose to get back on track again, choosing that my future self is my very best friend. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. What matters if you get back up again after it.

Yesterday evening I also found some inspiration on the internet which describes more or less the process I am in. This text resonated in my heart and I like to share it with you. The picture and the text are from the website of Janosh.




You are on the way to something bigger than yourself.  Each time you make contact, you get a bit closer. In this growth process you make contact more frequently with the spiritual world. You experience a feeling of freedom, of coming home. This is a temporary state of pureness of who you are.  Without boundaries, without limitations. But when you come back to reality, you have feelings of nostalgia. You are not really yourself anymore, because you have to adapt to the surroundings and have to do what is expected of you. So the new energy does not flow, because you hold it inside. It slowly ebbs away because you don’t do anything with it. Open your boundaries and show your surroundings that you have grown.  Dare to step across the perimeters of fear, shame and restrictions by speaking your truth. The frequency of Limitlessness helps you to open the marked boundaries so that you can be yourself everywhere and with everyone.

So for now: let’s open those boundaries and show our real self more and more to this beautiful world. No need to hold back anymore. For more information about the technology behind the picture, please visit the website of Janosh.


With love,



3 thoughts on “Week 6 – Limitlessness

  1. Beautiful text Chantal, thank you for sharing! It is for sure your honest and determined attitude to get up after an attempt of your old blueprint to make you fall that brought you to that text.


  2. “You are on the way to something bigger than yourself. Each time you make contact, you get a bit closer. In this growth process you make contact more frequently with the spiritual world. ” I really appreciate this reminder. I get caught up in each little task that I forget that this is what those tasks are for. Thank You!


  3. Chantel, I was reminded of the stranger while reading your post. I looked over at my poster and decided to speak to that girl in the movie poster. I told her I was routing for her. I began to cry as she said that she wanted me to be with her there. I sobbed and my head tightened. I feel more connected to her now. Thank you so much for triggering this for me. I needed it. xo CE


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