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Week 7 – Mental Diet and more


I love you2

In the webinar of last Sunday Mark told us to go on a diet, a mental diet. Lot’s of people understand that choosing food with high nutrient content is a good thing to do, so many people are or have been on a food-diet. But how about choosing what thoughts come into your mind. Wouldn’t that be something to consider to do? Could it be that that this benefits me/you in one way or the other? So the new assignment is to go on a mental diet for one whole week without a restart. We are not allowed to have a negative thought for more than seven seconds and that for one week on a row. Yes, that’s right, one whole week. If a negative thought pups up and sticks longer than those seven seconds in our mind, we have to start all over again. The first thing that came up in my mind when hearing about this assignment was “Oh, I’m glad I have two weeks off”. I have to say, having two weeks off helps me being in a more relaxed state, so that certainly helps me with this assignment. But here and there negatives thoughts still are coming up. What works really great for me, is to immediately substitute the thought with something positive. I like to say “I love you” if it is a negative thought concerning a person. And I have to say doing this helps in preventing this thought staying in my conscious mind. It’s like a powerful dissolvent for glue. But more important I like to say this “I love you”, it makes me smile and gives me a good feeling in my heart. Huray for the Law of Substitution and huray for scroll 2 of the book The Greatest Salesman!


This week was also a week with new insights and noticing what I already had accomplished, which really feels great. More about it in another post. (it’s an early rise and shine for me tomorrow with a long day ahead)


For now I want to end this blog with sharing my new “mantra”. An additional way of befriending my future self!

Do something now, my future self thanks me for!

Do it now

With love,

Chantal Hansen


14 thoughts on “Week 7 – Mental Diet and more

  1. Hi Chantal,
    The mental diet is a challenge. You are doing a lot better than I am. I’ve been restarting 3 or more times a day. Though did finally start to catch myself and turn the negative to a positive. Unfortunately I was outside the 7 second window. I did after 10 seconds start to shift to expressing love for the person.


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  2. Perfectly chosen picture, do it now!
    Not that easy huh, a mental diet? But raising awareness about what we feedback our mind with…I like to call that ‘mental house-keeping’ now. 🙂
    You are doing great!

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  3. Chantal, your picture dose paint a Thousand Words, brilliant. Also having your substitute at the ready is so powerful. Brilliant stuff.


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  4. Law of Substitution rocks….cant wait until the subby takes over!

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  5. Love you too Chantal! Hope you are enjoying your days off. I can imagine it feels more relaxed having some days of to be on the diet then. I really like to read your blogs, nice to get to know you a little better 🙂


  6. Love your new mantra! I get more and more excited as I read others blogs! I relate to so much…Thanks Again!

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  7. Chantal I see you are growing very well. It feels good and gives me a smile to when I think, say or hear the words “I love you”. That’s powerful! I love you, Chantal.

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