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Week 8 – Making a decision




This week was a special week. It started on Saterday where I attended a really nice workshop, made an important decision that day, followed by a very good webbie on Sunday evening from the MKMMA, had some nice meetings/conversations with people, went to a salon for a very relaxing beauty-treatment together with a dear person, met a dear friend who I don’t see alot while we live in a different part of the country at one of the most beautiful beaches of The Netherlands, where we had lovely weather, pampered myself with some beautiful stuff, had some really nice days off and noticed several good advantages of our “tv/internet-diet” of this week.


More about past Saterday and the decision I made that day. Past Saturday I attended a workshop with the subject Keys to Abundance. It was a workshop which also worked on the subconscious level, totally different from the way the MKMMA-journey works, both because they both work on the subby I had the feeling it could go well together. And so it did. At every seat there was a “random” card with a specific hologram based on Sacred Geometry for the participant (read a bit more about this in my blog of week 6). There were several different kinds of cards. My card was about Power of Action. This card was so appropriate. This card  inspires you to make choices and change your knowledge and feeling into action. I have lot’s of knowledge and information inside of me, but I don’t always choose, not knowing wether I should go left of go right. But Saturday was different. During that day I did make a really important decision. For several weeks I was thinking about what to do with certain activities I had in mind for my business. Those activities I had in mind weren’t aligned with my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). That I knew, but knowing without choosing and taking action on it, is a different part. There was an particular item  related to these activities which I had bought many many years ago I didn’t know what to do with it, to keep it or to get rid of it. I really liked this item and I have to say, I was attached to it. It represented several things for me, including choosing another path, going for my heart-desire instead of the certainty of a regular job. So although the path of my DMP showes me where to go now, I still found it hard to get rid of it. So during the workshop of last Saturday I got the possibility to deeply connect and feel what I wanted to do, integrating the information we recieved that day and the knowledge I had gained from the MKMMA-journey with my DMP in my minds eye. With tears in my eyes I felt the moment had come to get rid of this item. Time had come to close an era, so that a new era really can start. By “coincidence” later on that day it appeared there was another parctipant who could really use this item. I had spoken to her earlier that day and I had a connection with her. So beautiful that she could use this item. Not only I made this important decision but also we already could meet in the past week and now this decision is already put into action. So this is a point of no return, this door is closed now. One can say “where one door closes, another ones opens”. And what a beautiful future lies ahead of me. So looking forward to this.


good bye hello


With love,



PS in last weeks post I mentioned I would post some other insights from past week, but I have to say I don’t recall them anymore, because of the profound workshop past Saturday. 😉



4 thoughts on “Week 8 – Making a decision

  1. Love the open door and then being able to close the other door and repurpose the equipment is spectacular. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences. Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

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  2. Wonderful, Chantal, so happy You share this synchronicity. Congratulations on Your decision and how fast You could execute it!

    Mahalo // Claes

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  3. Thank you Claes for your nice comment!


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