MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 10 – Expressing creativity


Past Sunday we didn’t have a webinar because of the Thanksgiving-holidays. I have to say I missed it, but there was a great alternative though on Sunday-evening. We had decided to get together with the Dutch participants to mastermind. We have our own chat group on Facebook where we can “talk” to each other, but that’s totally different from meeting each other live. We shared our experiences and I got some insights out if it. I really liked this gattering.

One thing what I realized was, that I am creative by managing my readings. Besides my readings at home at my study desk, on the couch and yes, sometimes also in bed I do my readings at a lot of other places. Where did I do my readings untill so far? A brief summary. When I can I do my middayreading at my work in one of my breaks, I sit at my workplace or at a spot in the “restaurant” or I go to a stairwell between two floors (this is a “low-traffic”- stairwell not the main stairwell, so that works pretty well). I don’t have an office on my one at my job, so I prefer to read the stuff we read out loud in the stairwell. This is also the place I use when I talk to my mastermind-buddy about my accountability-task of that day (or record a Whatsapp-recording to her). Very often I do my readings in the car just after work. I don’t always manage to do the midday-reading in a break, so than I prefer to do them immediately after my shift. Sometimes still standing with my car in the parking garage, sometimes outside (nowadays in the dark with a little light on because it’s winterseason over here), sometimes at a parking space at a supermarket or another parking space, and if it’s possible and still daylight I drive on my way back home to a park, so that I can see some nature. I love the sight of nature nearby.

Because of our gathering past Sunday with our fellow Dutch MKMMA-ers and another appointment earlier that day I had to be a bit more creative. I had decided to go to the first appointment with public transport, because I could drive back with one other participant and her partner (many thanks to this beautiful person for supporting us, f.e. translating several difficult stuff into Dutch). They also came pick me up at the Central Station of Utrecht, so that I didn’t have to go the last part with public transport (thanks again). I had planned some time inbetween the two appointments so that I could do my midday readings at the Central Station. Because my first appointment took longer than planned and my “personal taxi-drivers” came earlier I really had to be creative. There I was waiting for the bus to go to the Central Station, I decided to read some readings aloud publicly. I definitely wanted to finish my readings before the second appointment. It was kinda funny standing a few meters away from the busstop, so that I still could see the bus coming, doing some readings aloud where everyone passing by could here me. Utrecht is a city where a lot of people use bikes for transportation so several people passed by, but hey as Mark J says “they aren’t in my DMP so why bother”. The bus came also early so still not finished with my readings and I decided to do the second part when I was waiting at the Central Station. Yes, some people looked at me, but I continued and I have to say I am really proud of myself I did it. I wouldn’t have done this a few months ago, but knowing I do this for my future self and also this is a service to others to fullfilling my full potential I am overcoming this little voice “what would other people say”.

So finishing with this little sentence from scroll 3 (The Greatest Salesman):

I will persist untill I succeed!


With love,



2 thoughts on “Week 10 – Expressing creativity

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with the master keys, and yes there is lots of reading that we have been doing and is creating a new life that we desire within. You seem to have great ways of getting in all your daily readings and keep up the great work on your journey of self-discovery.

    Take Care… Brodi

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  2. Way to go showing creativity and demonstrating persistence for your readings, Chantal!


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