MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 11 – Helping Others





In the beginning of this MKMMA-journey we had to pick two Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s).  One was quite obvious for me, no doubt about it. That one was and is Helping Others. The other one I choose was Liberty. Choosing the second one was much harder, because I find True Health and Spiritual Growth also really important, but we had to choose 2, not 3 and definitely not 4. For a few weeks now I am thinking about this second PPN. Should I stay with Liberty or do I choose another one. Because of this feeling about not knowing what to do with my second PPN, not having the excitement I should have reading my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) right now and the calls of my old blueprint (aka procastinating on some tasks, perhaps related to the a “wrong” PPN/DMP) I decided to ask for help from my Certified Guide, Luc. I was glad he took time for a skype-meeting so fast (thanks again, Luc!). It was a very nice call and I recieved some great advice and one thing about this conversation I want to share.


At one point Luc asked me about what is the most important aspect if you want to help or advice somebody about something. We discussed it a bit and I didn’t know the answer he meant. He said, the most important thing is that you have done it yourself. You can’t advice someone about something or tell him or her to do something in a certain way, if you don’t do it yourself in that way. Than you tell that other person not out of your own personal experience. I could totally relate to that. Because of my background in different forms of bodywork, especially with the aquatic bodywork, I know that you have to have that experience yourself before you can “give”. I can’t give an aquatic bodyworksession, without knowing how it works and what processes can happen by it and how such a session can give such beautiful, profound experiences.



At the same time I can totally relate to the sentence “I will persist untill I succeed” in Scroll 3 of The Greatest Salesman. I have the habit of trying something on my own multiple times before I ask for help. I have to say I am more a helper than the one asking for help. On some areas in my life I definitely try it multiple times by myself and at the end if I really notice I can’t do it on my own then I go and ask for help. From one side nothing wrong with that at all, from the other side it can be a loss of energy. All the knowledge is already there and by asking someone for help, not only it can “cost” you less energy, the other one also benefits from it by expressing something he or she is good at. So on both sides there is more flow of positive energy. So the remark of Luc in our conversation made me also contemplate on my PPN “Helping others” after our conversation. Why not also become better in asking for help? Can I really be such a good helper in the true sence if I also can be so persistent in trying several times over and over in certain areas? Why not ask for help more often and sooner? Is it not so that I am using the “Energy” much better in that way? Only positive answers are popping in my mind when I contemplate about this. So I am definitely going to ask for help more often and sooner, using the Law of Giving and Recieving in a different, but certainly positive way.

So now I am asking you, my dear reader, to be my “accountability”-partner on one subject. I am going to adjust my DMP in the weekend and make some new recordings, so that I can start Monday with a renewed DMP, with fress and vivid energy. I will write in my next post about this, so you can read it if I succeeded. So you can help me by also reading my next post if I succeeded. I want to thank you in advance for that.

With love,



8 thoughts on “Week 11 – Helping Others

  1. Enchanting Chanting Chantal, you did create! you asked for help with the FF 🙂 I really liked helping you and talking with you about this. Next week we have a an appointment again, a ‘framed’ one 😉 Great you had a good conversation with your Guide and you got some eye openers. Love to help you Chantal, so I will read your next blog. You persist and you Win ❤

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    • Thank you very much for your kind words and help, Shining Cindy! Loved to work with you too! It’s wonderful to see how two parties can benefit from one simple question. 😉 Your reaction at the end of our conversation earlier this week made me realise this once more <3<3


  2. I love reading your blogs, Chantal! I will definitely be reading next weeks blog!

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  3. It’s great to see one of your PPN’s as helping others, it is important to be a person of value in this world by helping people achieve more out of their lives. I enjoyed reading your Master Key’s Journey post today.

    Take care… Brodi

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  4. Hi Chantal,
    Is that you floating in the water? Aquatic bodywork, that sounds interesting. As a former massage therapist I can relate to the bodywork piece. You are brave to share your struggle with your DMP and PPNs. You are stronger for it. Look forward to your next blog.


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  5. Hi Bec, yes that is me in the water, recieving a session from another bodyworker, but you can’t see her 😉 Just as at massage/massagetherapy there are several forms of aquatic bodywork and I came across one I really enjoy giving and recieving. If you have the opportunity to recieve a session, certainly do. Nice you can relate to the bodywork piece. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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