MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 13 – Having an addiction: good or bad?

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In last weeks post I told you about the second time I did the 50 minute exercise with my adjusted one sentence DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and how I liked it. With this exercise you repeat for 50 minutes long this one sentence in front of a mirror. For me this exercise is really one of the most powerful ones. All the exercises are good and very well selected by Mark J., the Fabulous Davene and team, but hey, sometimes you just have favorites. And this one is definitely a favorite one. I can say it’s like a positive addiction. Most of the times when people talk about an addiction it’s related to a negative habit, but in my opinion that’s not correct. One can also have addictions which empowers you, which helps to open up the gates to your huge potential, so that are positive ones. How great is that to have a positive addiction? Well, I think it’s greaaat!! I almost can’t get enough of those peptides which are released in my body during those 50 minutes.


Last week I mentioned I was planning to do another 50 minutes exercise and so I did. This time with the positive affirmation we recieved earlier in this journey, the beautiful “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. During the passed weeks I have added some personal words to it. For this 50 minute exercise I added the following sentence: “I know and I feel deeply in all my cells of my beautiful body, that…”. For me this gives extra power to this exercise. The exercise alone already leaves a hugh imprint. Adding this sentence and saying for 50 minutes that I already know and feel it makes it so much more powerful for me.


Why is this exercise so powerful for me? One huge part is that in general your subby believes everything you say. There is no “check” by your subby whether what you say is true or not true. So hearing myself saying this positive affirmation is nourishing food for the subby. Another part is that I am combining some of the 7 different learning styles. I have found out that the athletically and musically learning styles work very good for me. So, a major part of the 50 minutes I did the Mind Gym as an exercise while singing this sentence.(the Mind Gym has some additional benefits, more about it perhaps another time) And now every time when I say this sentence out loud I am reconfirming the “imprint” of this 50 minute exercise. And those beautiful peptides are released again. Lucky me, this sentence is also added to my DMP 😉


So a big HURAY for this beautiful exercise.

Does it surprise you that I already know for days which one I want to do? Probably not. Thanks to fellow-participant Jenny Palmer I am planning to do this one next….


I am ..... 7 chakra's


Have a great day!


With love,



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