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Week 14 – October Sky

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October Sky


I persist and I win! That you can say about the main figure Homer in the movie October Sky. Homer had a plan, he had a big dream and in the beginning, except for a handful of persons, nobody believed him. His father didn’t believe him, the principal of the school didn’t, several residents of the place he lived in didn’t. They believed his future was in the mine, underground, in the darkness. His teacher knew he could accomplish the dream, building a racket and going into space. Homer went to another guy of his school, asking him to help him because he had the impression working together with him, would help fulfilling his dream. And this guy did. The friends of Homer joined and together they faced several obstacles until the very end. Because of the vision (aka Definite Major Purpose), the collaboration with his pals (aka MasterMind Alliance), persistent plan (aka Plan of Action) and keeping the believe of realizing his dream (aka Positive Mental Attitude) Homer could face the obstacles, resistance and disbelieve he encountered over and over.


october sky3


This week’s assignment was to watch one of 4 selected movies and for me it was October Sky. It was great to watch this movie and seeing the similarities with the journey I am in right now. Seeing this movie gives a complementary perspective on the why of several things we do in this MKMMA-journey. But also metaphorically: the dream of Homer wasn’t intented to go underground (working in the mine, in darkness, in preconstructed “corridors”). No, his dream was intented to be seen by others, into the light, into the sky. And because the sky is so wide and open, you need to have a specific plan and persistence. There are no preconstructed pathways to make your dream come true. So you have to focus, knowing what you want, else you are too easily distracted. So yes, you need different components, a Definite Major Purpose, Plan of Action, Positive Mental Attitude and a Mastermind Alliance to realize your dreams.


I am happy knowing that I am on the right path in realizing my dream and being able to contribute in my own, unique way to make this world a better place. My wish for you is that you also have something to fullfill, something which brightens your day and fills your heart with joy and love.


“Sometimes one dream is enough to light up the whole sky”


 Homer - October Sky

Have a great day!

With love,



One thought on “Week 14 – October Sky

  1. Excellent post, glad we are on this journey together. I enjoyed the movie as well. Rudy is excellent too 🙂


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