MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 15 – From seed to flower


First of all I wish you all to best in this new year! Make 2015 your best year ever!!




The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is a time for reflection. The past week wasn’t the easiest one of all past MKMMA-weeks. I had difficulties doing the assignments of the day and week on time. I also was behind with my blogs and it doesn’t feel good to not be “in perfect harmony”. But now I am catching up.


At the same time I notice some positive changes, professionally and personally. And for that I am so grateful. Some of them are small, almost not visible and some are more visible. Earlier this week I received a very nice e-mail with compliments about something I realized. This is definitely a result of the MKMMA-journey. About three months ago I planted some seeds in a fertile soil. Those seeds received water, fertilization and have been spoken to in a positive way. Small leaves are visible now and unless I keep on giving these seeds water, fertilization and sunshine, these vulnerable leaves won’t grow into wonderful flourishing flowers. So it asks ongoing action to reveal those beautiful flowers. And this I continue to do so.



Have a great day!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Week 15 – From seed to flower

  1. Chantal, your flowers are going to not only be amazingly beautiful, but worthy of the love you put into the project of planting the seed! Success to you in all your endeavors!


  2. I also found it difficult to keep up with the work during Christmas week and beyond and have only just caught up with my blogs. But you’re nearly there so keep going. I’m sure your flowers will flourish with the love and attention you are giving them.


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