MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 16 – What a wonderful world!

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kindness touches a day


Since last week we are doing a make-over assignment, focusing on a virtue and seeing it in others. The reason behind this is that what you focus on multiplies and because we can see it in others this virtue is also present in ourselves. The virtue for this week is Kindness. Every MKMMA-member focus on this same beautiful virtue this week. So this week is a week of seeing kindnesses in others and also expressing kindnesses. A few days before the webbie I saw something on Facebook about expressing a random act of kindness without being caught. I immediately liked this idea. Doing something good for another person or more in general “the world” without others knowing you did something kind, without expecting something in return. It felt like a conversation with the “higher source” and that this is a little secret between us. Nobody else needs to know what I did where and when.


How appropiate it was, when Mark told us to express every day two random acts of kindnesses without being caught. Woot woot. Yes, so beautiful. The “size” of this kindness doesn’t matter. What might be something small to me, could be something huge for another and vice versa. And even this aspect doesn’t matter at all. Just express kindnessess without being caught. Together with sharing every day at least two post about the kindnessess we noticed in the Mastermind Alliance-area and reading and commenting on post of other members made this week a very special week. It really was a great example of “what you focus on multiplies”. I got a deep feeling from within that this world is indeed a wonderful and good world to live in. Yes, of course there still are lot’s of violent acts, but it doesn’t serve the world when I focus on these negative acts. For me I can contribute much more to a better world if I focus on the good stuff. So this week a big shout out for “KINDNESS”.



With love,



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