MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 2- Surprise!


Surprise, surprise!!

What a surprise I experienced last Sunday following the webinar. In this webinar we did an exercise to discover our Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN). We were told to write down the 7 PPN’s – Legacy, Spiritual Growth, Autonomy, Liberty, Helping Others , Recognition for Creative Expression and True Health – with our non-dominant hand on a piece of paper, take a few minutes to relax, to connect to our “subconscious” and then select right away after that the two most important PPN’s. As I have done this MKMMA-course also last year I was “prepared” to do this exercise with total commitment. Last year this exercise went a bit too fast for me, and I didn’t completely understand what to do. This year I knew what this exercise was about and could focus fully on the exercise itself instead of thinking “what do they mean? what do I have to do?”. At the same time I thought in advance my two PPN’s of last year would stay the same, because they still felt great. But hey, there was the surprise while doing the exercise. After opening my eyes for selecting the PPN’s, having my pencil at one of my last years PPN Helping Others my body said “NO!! This is not right. It has to be Recognition for Creative Expression”. I sure was surprised; this would be the last one I would have selected consciously. During a second of two I was switching between “should I stay with the PPN Helping Others or do I have to switch to Recognition of Creative Expression”. Well, my body clearly was giving the answer. I felt a resistance while having the pencil at this old PPN, so it wasn’t pointing at the right one. I couldn’t and shouldn’t make a choise by mind. It had to be a choise by the body, a.k.a. a choise from the heart and from the subconsious mind. And so I did.


And how do I want to express this “Recognition for Creative Expression”? It has got me thinking during this whole week. I notice I don’t have a complete anser yet. Yes, I have a huge dream, a very big one, creating a own centre for aquatic bodywork. Does this PPN mean I have to dig in deep now, that it is time to fully commit to this dream? I have this dream of realizing an own aquatic centre for several years now, but haven’t really started to realizing it. Thankfully I know that by following the MKMMA-journey I can trust on the process and allowing time to give my the right answers.

My card with my non-dominant handwriting


With love,



4 thoughts on “Week 2- Surprise!

  1. That’s a beautiful experience, Chantal.


  2. Awesome, Chantal, congrats on following Your heart in the exercise!


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