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Week 3 – I think, I start to like this!


you are only one workout away


I think, I start to like this!


I have to admit. On a couple of areas in my life I procrastinate. I don’t like this at all and the only way to change it is to form new, good habits. One area I want(ed) to improve is my physical health. Years ago I was more active with sports and although I have worked on my health through other activities, my physical endurance wasn’t as it used to be. Time to change….


Last Augustus the timing was right to make a commitment to really going to work on my physical endurance, so I decided to sign up with a 12-weeks course, with the goal being able to run 30 minutes in a row. The first 6 weeks the running involves two times running with the group and one time solo per week, the next 6 weeks 1 time with the group and 2 times solo per week. The beauty of this concept I decided to participate in, is that speed doesn’t matter AT ALL. It is just working towards this 30 minutes running. You can even run slower than you walk. My ego-driven part found that very funny. About six weeks ago the “challenge” was on. It really started very basic, with fast walking for 20 minutes. Everybody with a normal health can do this. So for me as a true starter, this concept suited me well.


run your own race


Right now I just completed week 6. Until the beginning of this week I always had the feeling right after the running-session, that it felt okay doing the training at that time. Not looking ahead if this is really going to be a new hobby (despite encouragement of the two trainers to join the “Advanced” group after this). Just taking step by step. Last Wednesday I couldn’t participate at the group-meeting, because of other obligations. So I had to run on my own. I wasn’t looking forward to the amount of minutes I had to run and also because of the bad weather, but because of my commitment, which has a deeper “foundation” through my personal pivotal need True Health, I decided to go. Temperature was 4.7 degrees Celsius, it was raining and windy, so it even felt colder (normally around this time of the year the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius in The Netherlands). And let me tell you, I’ve put my runningclothes on, with some extra protection for the rain & cold and I just started running. Huray, it all went well. The rain and the cold didn’t bother me at all and the training wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be. I really started enjoying this running. So slowly a new good habit is developing, the seed I planted several weeks ago starts to grow and slowly a couple of flowers are showing their beauty. During my round yesterday I even got some encouragements from two strangers who found it great I was running at that moment (in the dark and in the rain). So I am now looking forward to completing this 12 weeks and even to reach my next goal, running 5 kilometers within 30 minutes.


So yes, I think I start to like this!!


A big hurray for developing new and good habits!


With love,



3 thoughts on “Week 3 – I think, I start to like this!

  1. Great you do this! Sounds like a good running course. (I have been a running trainer for these kind of courses also and it really is doable for almost everybody!).
    Funny the mkmma stimulates me also to start running again. I do it now in intervals with my baby in the buggy!
    I am convinced you will finish this course successfully and also do the advanced class!


  2. Great Chantal, You persist! Do it now, do it now, do it now (Y)


  3. Wonderful, Chantal, so happy for You that You´re successfully pursue Your PPN True Health, thanks for sharing!
    So nice chatting with You earlier, I appreciate You!


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