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Week 4 – Celebration time!


let's party


Week 4 – Celebration time!


This week I had a personal call with my guide, Claes, because I wanted to talk with him if he could give some extra advice on changing old habits into new, good habits. Last week I told you that I wasn’t pleased with my bad habit procrastination in some areas of my life. And I felt I missed something in changing this habit.


I have been educated that you have to learn from your mistakes; a.k.a. think about what went wrong, conclude what you can do better the next time and then do it right the next time. That sounds great, right? Right? ……….. Uh, NOOOOO that doesn’t sound that great as it seems. What I am doing in that situation is giving attention to something I don’t want anymore because I am analyzing that situation what went wrong. And again next time and again next time. Can you see what is happening? As you may know “what you think about grows”. So I am thinking about something I really don’t want anymore, but by thinking about it again and again it only can grow. It isn’t only something what is happening in your mind. It is also something what happens physically in your body. The hypothalamus in your body produces peptides for the cells that are addicted to a specific feeling, supportive feelings and non-supportive feelings. And because those cells are addicted to that specific feeling, your subconscious will do everything it can do so that your hypothalamus produces those peptides the cells are addicted to. By rethinking about something over and over you are preparing the soil for those peptides, reconfirming that addiction.


happy lightbulb2


So discussing this with Claes at one point he said “Let me quote Mark J. ……… Forrrrrget about it”. Forget about things that went wrong . Celebrate it every time when you complete something of your “tasks” given in this course. Pling!! The lightbulb went on. How could I not see this one? Mark J. and his team have told us sooooo many times, over and over, about “Add feeling”, “Be Enthousiastic”, “Read it with GUSTO”, etc. Yes, of course! You can´t change your body from being addicted to certain peptides, but you can change the peptides you are addicted from. So if there has to be an addiction to certain peptides, let’s create an addiction to peptides which support a good habit. Now I understand more profoundly why Mark J. tells us that bad habits are substituted by good habits with ease. Not making those bad habits smaller, but “kabooom” change from within, eliminating bad habits into good habits.

So from now on I celebrate with FEELING every task I complete within this course, the tasks I mention on my plan of action and even some really normal stuff which can be anything. It really doesn’t matter whether it is something small or big, just celebrating the fact I completed the task with ease. What a different and beautiful way to learn from your mistakes.


Wooh, I am sooooo excited where this beautiful journey takes me to, to fulfilling my Definite Major Purpose in life. And thank you very very much, Claes, for the call! ❤



Have a great day!


With love,



2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Celebration time!

  1. Your just to modest here, Chantal 😉

    I only asked: “What if You would just celebrate…?”
    The insight is totally on You – celebrate that :-D!!!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

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