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Week 5 – Opinion: a perspective or the truth?


opinion not a fact

Did you take a good look at the picture above?? I like this picture. For me it tells everything about our NO OPINION-assignment for this week. Yes, you’ve read it right. We got the assignment to not think and express any opinions this week, no positive ones and no negative ones. Not expressing can already be challenging in my perspective πŸ˜‰ but also not thinking in my mind without expressing it, verbally or non-verbally, well that is also challenging.

What is an opinion? The Cambridge dictionary gives the following explanation: an opinion is

A) a ​thought or ​belief about something or someone

B)  the ​thoughts or ​beliefs that a ​group of ​people have

C) a ​judgment about someone or something

D) a ​judgment made by an ​expert 

Oh, it wasn’t that easy this week, not having an opinion. In all honesty I failed several times, and even laughing at myself about this. During several conversations this week I wondered, how can I react to what the other person is saying without giving an opinion to that. I got more aware again, how easily I have an opinion. For me the most challenging ones are the ones expressing my sympathy for the situation the other person is in. For an example in one conversation with a friend who is not feeling that well right now and  the doctors presume a certain illness. One of my first reactions is that it’s not good news. Hmmm, yes this is an opinion I have. This is a thought or belief I have about that illness and also that a group of people have. Does my opinion count for that other person? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Does it change the situation for that person? Does it make that person feeling better about what is going on? Does my opinion enable the other to express their true thoughts and feeling? No, if I think about it further it isn’t. My opinion doesnt’t contribute to that. It’s seen from my perspective, not the perspective of the other person.

So “work on progress” on this matter for the coming week, not having and expressing an opinion and having fun with it. Resulting in being more conscious about what is going on in my mind and enabling others to express their true thoughts and feelings. ❀

your own masterpiece

Have a great week!

With love,



10 thoughts on “Week 5 – Opinion: a perspective or the truth?

  1. I love that we are the masterpiece of our own lives. Thanks for the great post.


  2. How true! You could always put a gag over your mouth, but not over your brain. Sounds like an impossible chore, but maybe that’s the point!


  3. Great observations, Chantal, thanks for sharing. I totally relate to the challenges keeping opinions out of my thoughts, what saved me most was seeing clients at the clinic and actually being “aloud” having an opinion as that is an area of expertise for me πŸ˜‰

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


  4. A nice post. I enjoyed your thought processes. I can see you’ve “lived” it. Well done.


  5. It’s interesting to think about perspective – that we all have different ones – even of the same situation. And each of our realities is different. With all of the individual opinions, perspectives, and realities it’s amazing that we all get along as well as we do….


    • Thank you, Jolanda, for your reply! For me the picture on top of my blog keeps me “attentive” that two persons can have two totally different perspectives on the exact same situation. I like your vision on this.


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