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Week 7 – Love, only love


keep love in your heart


With the recent horrifying events in Paris just a blink of an eye away, I’m writing this post. As living in the south of The Netherlands Paris is just a couple of hours driving from here. Lot’s of people are worried, and are expressing their concerns on different (social) media and also a lot of prayers and positive thoughts are sent to the survivors and the families of the victims. At the same time I realize that in so many other countries in the world wars are going on, on a day to day basis, and lot’s of people are being suppressed or are fearing for their lives because of their believes, religion or other reasons. The exploding attention for what happened in Paris and the very little attention to what happens in other parts of the world is very contradictory. I have no answer how to solve this. The only thing I can do – as I think about it –  is, act with as much love as possible in all the things I do and towards other people I meet.


Talking about love and the “interaction” with other people who are aggressive or disrespectful towards others, I had an experience which made me contemplate on ways of “expressing love”. Earlier this week on Wednesday I had a conversation with someone who was upset about something. The situation this person was in, was a difficult one and while she was talking I was sending love silently towards her, because I understood it wasn’t easy for her. At one point in this conversation though she started to get more upset and she started saying some things towards me I didn’t like at all (I couldn’t help her with her question and she discovered that someone who would have taken care of something, didn’t do that, so her situation got worse). I noticed I had to say “stop” to her behavior towards me, not because I got angry of got upset myself, but because of my love for myself. I felt it was disrespectful to my being to let those words in and I gave her calmly and with love in my voice the option to continue the conversation in a respectful way. She choose otherwise. So this made me think this past week more profoundly about expressing love in relationship to setting boundaries, as we are reading now scroll II of The Greatest Salesman, which is all about love.


I wondered whether or not setting boundaries was an act of love towards the other person or not. And if those two aspects are connected to each other or not. I noticed setting boundaries can be down with love, so in that case it is for me an act of love. So yes, there is a connection. And perhaps it also is an act of love towards the other person. I leave that question open, because I cannot judge for the other person. If setting boundaries is done in an angry way, it has a totally different energy. It has more to do with fear. But isn’t fear in a way coming from the want of love too, and sort of an expression of missing or losing love. A coin has two sides, but it represents the same thing, one side is very clearly to see, the opposite side has a more hidden message. As they say, there is something positive in every negative aspect. There is no light without darkness and no darkness without light. You can choose though how and what you express. 

For the bigger, aggressive events that are happening in the world right now, the blessing of what is happening is very very hard to find. And I have to dig really really deep to see positive aspects of it. I don’t see the other side of the coin yet. I have to say, I am still looking…

But let’s share love in all the ways we possibly can. Let us create a ripple-effect of love! That’s the least we can do. ❤️❤️


a blessing in bad things



With love,



8 thoughts on “Week 7 – Love, only love

  1. Thank you for sharing your week and great insights. Peace be the journey!

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  2. Profound, thoughtful and loving – wonderful post, Chantal!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


  3. Great question that you are treating in your post Chantal, and yes, I agree with you that expressing love is the way to go, while imposing our boundaries is also necessary, and it can be another way to express love towards someone (telling someone that we feel hurt by his/her behavior is often a service that we render him/her, it is often easier to not say anything and go away)…also, the spiritual part in each individual perfectly understand the language of love…but the ego part often needs boundaries! About the bigger events, I found a way that’s working for me… Thank you for your inspiring sharing.


  4. I loved what you did for yourself. It is something that I have done too. It is really hard for me not to have an opinion on this, so I will say that I have felt better when I have given boundaries to people I encounter who are disrespecting me. In those instances, it has either helped our relationship, or it has “cleansed” the person from my life.

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  5. This post is profound, Chantal. You have identified the elephant in the living room that everyone sees and doesn’t want to acknowledge. How and when do we set boundaries? When does our effort to show love, understanding, and compassion stop in order to prevent verbally abusive behavior? Part of the answer lies in the other side of the golden rule of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Would you talk to someone that way? If the answer is “no”, then should you allow them to talk to you that way? I have struggled with that one often. Someone should really raise this question on one of the calls. I would love to hear Davene’s answer!


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