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Week 8 – Changing stimulus….


positive thoughts


The past week I wasn’t as faithful to all the exercises as I should be. I didn’t do all the readings and most of all I missed the sits. Some other assignments for the MKMMA and actions to fulfill my DMP are going very well and when I say very well, I definitely mean very well, but some other stuff, hmm not that good. Also on Wednesday I slipped with how I reacted towards another person in a conversation. In short I didn’t react with love towards the other person. Not that I became angry or upset, that wasn’t the case, but it was a different kind of not acting with love. Afterwards I regretted it deeply, and I was surprised by myself I had done it, but the ego part showed up faster than I thought. So I thought about it what went wrong and I noticed that my shield of love wasn’t that strong that day. I have noticed on other days that when I truly send love towards every person I encounter (with perhaps a slip here and there) the ego isn’t talking that much. She keeps quit much more, not needing to give an opinion and sending love. So a beautiful lesson for me here what to do on a day to day basis.


I also thought about how I could stay positive in all situations. In general I call myself a positive person, I tend to look for possibilities and solutions, understanding that each person has his/her own perspective on things instead of looking at problems. But hey, as being a human 😉 I have my “bloopers” on not being positive….. So I went to our backoffice, which has lot’s of information and where we can mastermind with other participants, the staff and guides, to post how I did on being positive. Was it coincidence or was it the universe showing me what to do? I think the latter. I saw a beautiful tip from a guide reacting to another persons post. She said to celebrate for staying positive several times a day. Huray! Yes, of course. Let’s celebrate every hour when I stay positive!! So far so good. I can do that. That rang a bell, because of something I spoke about with my own guide, Claes, some weeks ago. Celebrating, this is a great plan…………….. I thought……. Yep, I thought….

The next day I noticed that I didn’t have an awareness on celebrating my achievement for staying positive. Hmm, this asks for another solution….. Mark told us in the webinar of week 8 how we can change the input to get a different reaction. Instead of having a non-supportive input and changing how you react on it, you arrange your outer world in a way that you get supportive input, so that you get a positive response, so absolutely no need to change your response. It’s a beautiful shortcut to changing habits. In short it’s called “changing the stimulus to get a different response”. So here is what I did. I planned on my digital agenda in my iPhone on every hour inbetween 7 AM and 10 PM on weekdays (and some adjusted timing in the weekend) an appointment with notification that I have stayed positive and to celebrate it, including some nice emoticons. My agenda is now completely full with appointments. LOL. It really looks funny. And…….. drumroll drumroll drumroll. It works like a charm. When I am at home, I hear the bleeps on two devices (with a second interval) and then I immediately get a big smile on my face, and get the song “Celebrate good times” from Kool & The Gang in my head. Wooohooo. Also seeing the notification (pop up) gives me a big smile. And when (occasionally) I had a “restart” in the past hour because of having a negative thought, I celebrate for being positive again. I totally L O V E it. So I continue to do so. And I am gonna make more arrangements in my direct environment so that I get even more positive outcome. Looking forward to achieve much more! I can do it!!


 be the best person of you


Have a great week!


With love,




4 thoughts on “Week 8 – Changing stimulus….

  1. Thank You, Chantal, for this incredibly honest and insightful post. I just love how You tweaked Your environment to serve You in celebrating, that´s absolutely inspiring and I´m appropriating it in my own life. Masterminding is just awesome!!!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


  2. Well done Chantal, on staying positive and finding a way to celebrate that you are in control of. Awesome


  3. It’s so cool how you’ve changed up your stimuli! Congratulations 🙂


  4. Loved, loved, loved your blog. It makes me feel so much better because I’ve slipped this week. Now, I’m getting back on course. At least, I realized it when I went off the mental diet. Had so much to do for the Thanksgiving holiday that I was up until 3 am most nights, which doesn’t help. You’ve inspired me to go revisit the webinar about changing stimuli. Great blog, Chantal.

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