MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 10 – Focus on the now




“Constructive thought must necessarily be creative, but creative thoughts must be harmonious, and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thoughts” (Lesson 10 /sentence 21  – from the Masterkey System by Haanel)


Last week, week 10, it was a though week so to say. It was a bumpy ride. But hey, I am back and I want to focus on the good in my life. For me it helps to sit still, feel my body and notice all is okay. In the now I feel the connection with my heart, with a higher sence. In the now everything is okay.


So let’s concentrate on the good, on the now and on constructive thoughts…


Have a great day!


With love,



5 thoughts on “Week 10 – Focus on the now

  1. Yes it is a whole new week ahead pregnant with potential!


  2. Great post and great advice, Chantal! Love it!!!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


  3. Yes, let’s stay focused on what’s good!

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  4. Glad you are back! Keep up the great work!

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  5. Anything worth having is worth working for. Great work on persisting with what is worthwhile for you.


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