MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 11 – Unexpected help


This week I recieved unexpected help to keep up with some parts of the MKMMA from people who don’t know what the MKMMA is about. How cool is that? I liked it very much.

The part I want to share with you is the following. I got some help to be more attentive about the Law of Giving and Recieving. What happened? One person heared me talking to another person saying “I want to wish you a nice day”. In Dutch it’s a very common way to say something like that. But when saying that I want to wish someone a nice day but I don’t actually wish the other person a nice day. I want to, but I don’t wish it to him/her. Is that a way to give the hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love, aka one of the Laws of Giving and Recieving? Nooo, it isn’t. By simply adjusting, or better said, leaving out some words my intention becomes a real wish. It made me realize (again) several things. 

1) It just simply takes a small change to have a big impact.

2) Some habits are so common, so it’s good to stay open and attentive to how you express something. 

3) In a broader perspective: I thought about saying “I want to” a bit and came to the conclusion that when you say “I want to”, but not doing it, is like saying something with a hidden “but”. Because “do you want to do it” or “are you doing it”? In my personal example I mentioned above there’s no “hidden” but; it was a habit I wasn’t aware of. But with new year just around the corner – when you look at resolutions people make a lot of them start with “I want to…..”. With saying this and not doing it, they kinda express a hidden “but”. F.e. I want to quit smoking, eat healthier, lose weight etc. Do you hear the “but”? “But” I don’t have the discipline, time, money, etc. You don’t have to say the but, but it’s still there. And do you also see that by doing so you’re telling your subconscious that this “want to” is something you want to achieve in the future and because of that postponing the need to do something about it right now? Your subby sees your future self as a complete stranger. So no need for your subby to help you to realize the targets you’ve set. Not something you want either.

So my lesson of today is don’t use this  “want to” anymore and you help yourself and people around you in many positive ways.

Have a great day!
With love,



7 thoughts on “Week 11 – Unexpected help

  1. You have a great loving day too!


  2. Brilliant – absolutely brilliant! I love this post – what a wonderful insight you have with the “I want to” with the hidden “but”! Wow…food for thought!


  3. Great insight, Chantal, especially as the habit of saying “I want to…” seems very deep rooted in the society where You live!
    From now on I observe myself closely to see how this might express itself in my life so I can free myself from the habit if it affects me!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!


  4. Very good post. The “hidden but”, what an awesome observation. I agree with Claes, will be investigating my words, looking for that little blighter, Thank you.

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  5. Hi Chantel – Loved your post with the “but” perspective. I have found by replacing “but” with “and” or “however” it’s easier to keep the positive flow of thoughts. I’ve bookmarked your blog to follow your progress.
    Dennis recently posted:

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