MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 12 – Having fun




I was so looking forward to this week’s webinar. As following the MKMMA the second time I was waiting for this webinar to come, because I really really enjoyed a certain exercise last year. For me this exercise was very inspirational last year. This exercise is as following: speak out loud your one sentence DMP (definite major purpose) to yourself during 50 minutes, while looking in a mirrow. Last year I even did this exercise a second time, but then with an affirmation instead of the one sentence DMP. 


This year’s experience had it’s own beauty. Last year I was a bit confused on what to do and I regularly checked on my computer if we really had to talk to ourselves for 50 minutes. So this year I could fully focus on this exercise, not being distracted by other external stuff. Only me, myself and I. ❤ I combined this exercise with “loving movement”, walking at the same spot, doing some left/right tapping on shoulders (so left hand tapping your right shoulder and vice versa *). I found it was fun doing, transforming, feeling changes of temperature and mood. Sometimes my mind wanted me to quit, but I continued. On a certain stage I got some tiny symptoms of a cold. Last year those feverish symptoms were even more present. The way I see what happens then, is that the body releases certain toxins. As being a bodyworker I have experienced many times that cells have their own “cell-memory” and by doing this exercise, especially when you combine this with loving movement and/or touch, you can release old cell-memory and “imprint” new cell-memory. So it was so much fun doing. I would really recommend it to others to do such an exercise too or when you already have done this exercise, repeat it. And when you want to share your experiences about this exercise, please do.


Enjoy your day!



With love,



(*) This exercise of tapping your left shoulder and right shoulder stimulates the cooperation between the left side and right side of your brain. In a slightly different way tapping is also used in certain therapies, like EMDR, to let go off of “old” emotions and/or patterns.


5 thoughts on “Week 12 – Having fun

  1. Great that You got even more out of the exercise this year and thanks for sharing the tips about physical activity in combination with reciting the sentence!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

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  2. Wow that’s pretty cool about the cell memory imprinting!


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