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Week 15 – A beautiful explosion of discipline




Well, first let’s start with a confession ;-). I almost didn’t continue with being an active MKMMA-member. I’ve considered going on with the MKMMA on my own, as being an lifetime member and doing the tasks at my own speed. Not that I don’t like the MKMMA or the material isn’t good. Not at all, the material is superb  and I really like the material, but I thought it would be better for me to do things at my own speed, building up the progression more slowly in a speed that would feel more suitable for me. On a daily basis it didn’t feel good that I didn’t do the stuff I should do as “prescribed”, so I considered how I could complete the MKMMA still, but in a slightly different way. And to make a fast jump forward I do continue. Let me tell you what happened.


On last week’s webinar we were asked to make a prioritization on 11 beautiful virtues, starting with putting number 1 to the one virtue requiring the greatest improvement and number 11 to the one we are already very effective at. It wasn’t that much of a surprise to me that while feeling so behind and not being in harmony I choose Discipline as the number one. To make another confession in this blog. I have a tendency to put the bar quit high on how I perceive the things I do. 😉 After categorizing those 11 virtues and fill them in on a “make over list” we were asked to go and look every day if we would recognize in our outer world this virtue and also look if we would see acts of this virtue in doing ourself. For every time we would see this act, we should put a dot on this makeover list before bedtime. The reason behind that is that what you see in others is already in you. You can’t recognize something in others if it isn’t already in yourself.


A long story short: I started looking for acts of Discipline on Monday. Here and there I saw these acts. Tuesday I saw a bit more acts of discipline, at Wednesday even more and on Thursday there was an enormous explosion. I started seeing acts of discipline everywhere. Only a short drive of 10 minutes with my car resulted in seeing hundreds acts of discipline. So many drivers having the discipline to stay in the lane they were supposed to, using their lights when switching lanes, keeping enough distance to the car in front, stopping for the traffic lights and so on. All to make sure that they and the other traffic participants have a safe drive to their destination. For some of you this is just common sense, or perceive this as “well-organized” or perhaps”self-control”. I saw it as acts of Discipline.


Can you even imagine how many acts of discipline I saw? I am now only talking about the drivers in the cars and not about all the other stuff. So remembering that “what we see in others is already in ourselves” made me reflect on how disciplined I really am. Let’s say I am awake 16 hours a day. Doing so many things during these 16 hours a day that one can consider as “common sense” and “normal” I started perceiving these things as Discipline. So the few things I don’t do or not exactly as supposed do are “nothing” in relation to the hundreds, perhaps thousands of things I do on a daily basis. What is 0.005 % in relation to 99.995 %? So I can say now I am very disciplined and the week isn’t over yet….  I totally love it. And if I perceive this now with this first virtue in this first week, it’s is amazing to realize what happens to the next ones I am even better at. What a beautiful make-over!!


my dots of Discipline


So I love to continue with this course because of the growth I encounter! Mahalo for all who are supporting me. ❤


I plan to add a short youtube movie later regarding this subject, so come back later, if you want to.


Enjoy your day!



With love,



11 thoughts on “Week 15 – A beautiful explosion of discipline

  1. Wow, a wonderful post from the heart, with a great ending. Well done on finding discipline all over the place, fantastic awareness. I’m glad you’ve decided to continue, congratulations on making this decision.

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  2. Great post, Chantal, I´m impressed by Your disciplin in catching up in such a short time – awesome!
    Thanks for adding the picture of Your tracking chart, that´s so inspiring!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

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  3. WHOA that is wonderful! I’m so glad you shared the picture of your increasing dots.


  4. That’s what I hoped my chart would look like. I have struggled with this exercise so far, but I am looking forward to the renewed energy from this week’s virtue.

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  5. This is an awesome post chantal. Looking forward to the video

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  6. Nice insight that made you go on! And beautiful pic of dots of discipline.

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