MasterKey Experience of Chantal

Week 16 – Kindness

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What you think about grows. This was most certainly true this week, the kindness-week.


In this week’s Franklin Makeover every MKMMA-member had the same virtue to focus on, kindnss. And kindness was everywhere around me. Seeing people acting kind, expressing kindness myself and also reading about kindness. I loved reading all the acts of kindness which were shared in the members-area by all th members and staff. Another thing I absolutely liked was doing two random acts of kindness each day, without being caught by another person. It could be something really small or something bigger, main part was that you did this without being caught. Those small kind “secrets” gave something special about the day. I know that some of those acts aren’t noticed by another person at all, but that didn’t give me less joy to do them. When I look back to this week I definitely can say that the world looked a lot kinder this week.


Have a great day!


With love,



One thought on “Week 16 – Kindness

  1. The kindness week was a lot of fun!


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