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Week 18 – Giving thanks in everything

be thankful

Can you give thanks in everything? Really in EVERYTHING? For all the good stuff that surrounds you and also the more challenging parts in your life?
Mark discussed this concept on this weeks webinar and I liked it very much. Why? Because I believe that it will attract more good moments, if you are also greatfull for the more difficult times. It reminds me of a picture I saw a while ago about complaining about things or seeing the positive side of it, just by having an different perspective on things. For example: do you complain about the food which fell on the floor by your family or are you thankful because you shared precious dinner time together with your family? Do you complain about washing the dishes or are you greatfull for the delicious food you ate? You can make your own list of examples of course.

In certain moments I have to admit, I find it more difficult to be thankful for certain challenges; it’s “work on progress”. For some examples time really helps to being able giving thanks to what happened. When I look now on a recent example from earlier this week I have to say I became a better person because of this event. So now I can say thank you to this person for shouting and being angry at me (because he was upset I couldn’t help him the way he wanted). So I’m also very thankful for this week’s webinar with a beautiful lesson. I definitely take this one with me.


I wish you all the best and have a great day! ❤


With love,



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Week 17a – The magic of discovery

This weeks webinar was all about The Hero’s Journey. One example on this webinar I liked was the example of how a one year old child perceives the world. The world is on big adventure for children of this age, everything is new and very exciting. As we get older, for most of us this curiosity and excitement gets less and less and we start holding on more and more on ideas of the past and what might happen in the future. So we are not living in the now. But the now is all we have. So let’s connect again with the openness and excitement of a one year old and feel how wonderful and magical life is.
Have a great day!
With love,


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Week 17 – Concentration

In this week’s Master Key-lesson so many things of the previous weeks come together. I like to share a few sentences of this week’s chapter.


  1. If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage.
  2. If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance.
  3. If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health.
  4. Always concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact; this is the germ cell, the life principle which goes forth and sets in motion those causes which guide, direct and bring about the necessary relation, which eventually manifest in form.

In short: focus on the things you want as an existing fact, not on the things you don’t want.

When I talk with people about how the mind perceives the word NOT, I often ask them to NOT think about a pink elephant. It’s great to see the look in their eyes when they realize that in fact instead of NOT thinking about a pink elephant they definitely think about a pink elephant. It definitely makes a hugh difference to focus on on what you want.


So let me end with wishing you a GREAT day!


With love,


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Week 16 – Kindness

What you think about grows. This was most certainly true this week, the kindness-week.


In this week’s Franklin Makeover every MKMMA-member had the same virtue to focus on, kindnss. And kindness was everywhere around me. Seeing people acting kind, expressing kindness myself and also reading about kindness. I loved reading all the acts of kindness which were shared in the members-area by all th members and staff. Another thing I absolutely liked was doing two random acts of kindness each day, without being caught by another person. It could be something really small or something bigger, main part was that you did this without being caught. Those small kind “secrets” gave something special about the day. I know that some of those acts aren’t noticed by another person at all, but that didn’t give me less joy to do them. When I look back to this week I definitely can say that the world looked a lot kinder this week.


Have a great day!


With love,



Week 15 – 2 Let life surprise you!


The previous blog I wrote about how I changed my perception of acts from cardrivers to drive safely from “common sense” to acts of discipline. As being a Dutch and living in The Netherlands cycling is also very common used. We even have more bycicles than inhabitants, I am told. I can imagine that; I have three bikes myself right now.

So when I wrote week 15’s blog I also had to think about some videos I have seen about cycling in The Netherlands in relationship to the virtue Discipline. So I selected this one for you to watch if you like.

Quit chaotic perhaps for you, but I see lot’s of acts of Discipline. For me it’s all about perspective. So let life surprise you by changing your perspective!


And in case you want to know a bit more about Dutch cycling, you can watch these two videos too if you want to.
Wishing you a beautiful day!
With love,



Week 15 – A beautiful explosion of discipline



Well, first let’s start with a confession ;-). I almost didn’t continue with being an active MKMMA-member. I’ve considered going on with the MKMMA on my own, as being an lifetime member and doing the tasks at my own speed. Not that I don’t like the MKMMA or the material isn’t good. Not at all, the material is superb  and I really like the material, but I thought it would be better for me to do things at my own speed, building up the progression more slowly in a speed that would feel more suitable for me. On a daily basis it didn’t feel good that I didn’t do the stuff I should do as “prescribed”, so I considered how I could complete the MKMMA still, but in a slightly different way. And to make a fast jump forward I do continue. Let me tell you what happened. Continue reading


Week 14 – Comedy time



Week 14, the week of Christmas, the week of having several days of from my work and the MKMMA-movie week. As a task for the MKMMA I choose to watch the comedy Cool Runnings, based on the true story of a Jamaican sprinter, Derice, who was disqualified to the Olympic Games. He asks the help of a dishonored coach to start the first Jamaican Bobsled Team. His desire to participate on a Olympic Game was so big he got the idea to go participate on a Olympic Winter Game. Not something you would often see from a country who isn’t familiar with the cold winter sport Bobsleigh. Continue reading