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Press Release

31th of March 2018

By Wendy van Dijk, national Dutch Television


Earlier this week I had an appointment with Chantal Hansen at her very beautiful aquatic center for aquatic birth and aquatic bodywork to interview her about her center, her vision and life. I have to say I am still deeply moved by what I have heard and seen. Such a great place to be and such a wonderful woman.


The sun was shining when I arrived at this aquatic center and already  I was very impressed by the first sight. All was set up very beautifully, not only the building itself but also the frontgarden and the surroundings. I could sence great things were happening in this center. So when Chantal opened the door with a warm welcome and a great smile I immediately felt at home. We slowly walked to a relaxing room, which she calls the “Living Room”. Hmm, here and there already getting some great impressions. As we started to chitchat her lovely partner brought us something nice to drink and served us some tasty and healthy snacks.


Chantal, can you tell me a bit more about this center? Chantal continued her conversation and started to talk about that this center was a great dream of her. Years ago she already knew she wanted to have this center, being able to contribute to babys having a better start in life. So she explained: by creating an environment where mothers feel completely safe and all their needs are met, you create an environment  where mothers have less stress and can relax more. This contributes in a positive way to the experience a baby has of being born, which benefits future life on so many levels. All the impressions the unborn experience and the way one is born have a great impact further on in life. So for Chantal being just a tiny small contributor in creating an environment to give babys a better start in life is very very rewarding.


What really drove you to do creating this center, because I can sense this is not created “just for fun or business”? She explained she is the counterpart of a vanishing-twin (this is when a mother is pregnant of two children, but only one is born alife) and because of experiences related to that she developed a great interest for prenatal experiences and the way birth can impact ones experience in their future life. Her journey started when she still was a young girl, already giving massages. At her 18th she choose to have a business-education., but eventually giving massages at early age led to taking a professional course in massage many years later and many more trainings followed. One major training was her education in Germany where she was educated in aquatic bodywork. This opened more and more the door to the development of this beautiful center and the celebration of the opening on 1th of January 2018.


What serves are offered here by you?  Well, she started, let me tell me first I didn’t do this completely on my own. Of course I have my wonderful partner and supporting family, some really great businesspeople I mastermind with for several years now, my very professional staff and the cooperation of several independant co-professionals, like some great midwifes who share the same vision and some other very professional aquatic bodyworkers. So we have in here one part which is really for the pregnant women and their family to welcome the newborn, aka give birth in warm water and on the other hand various types of aquatic bodywork like aquatic sessions to newborns, pregnant woman, but also for people who like to experience the very relaxing quality of the warm water. Occasionaly the center is also open for trainings on aquatic bodywork.


I heard you say earlier something about a “Sacred Area” in here. What do you mean by that? Chantal smiled and explained. The sacred area is the part where the rooms and seperate small swimmingpool are for the pregnant women to give birth. This area is only accesable for the pregnant women, their family, the midwife and other caretakers. This way the necessary serenity is kept to create the peaceful and relaxing environment. The sacred area has its own entrance for the convenience of the woman in labour and their family and has also a small kitchen, and some rooms where other familymembers can stay.


At the question if I wanted to see the complete center I definitely said YES. Of course the interview wasn’t complete without seeing the complete center, so Chantal showed me around with great enthusiasm. I was deeply impressed by the relaxing atmosphere and mostly by the rooms in the “sacred area”.


With deep gratitude I want to thank Chantal for the lovely time.



6 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. So interesting. I had my 3 girls at a birth center in Englewood NJ. My midwife Lonnie Morris had a great program. I remember her crocheting while I was going through labor. She said to me “whenever you’re ready, let me know”. It helped me to feel relaxed. So good to share your story and vision. Best wishes.


  2. There is also a relaxing and sacred atmosphere which emanates from your beautiful text, and while reading it, I knew that the place was already existing! Congratulations Chantal!


  3. great! nice to know you own this extraordinary center!


  4. Awesome, Chantal, Your vision is crystal clear. Beautiful!


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