MasterKey Experience of Chantal


Week 3 – Becoming Colombus

Week 3 is almost coming to an end. I can call this week a week of resistance. Resistance of the old blueprint to the changes within, because the old blueprint definitely is noticing these changes and it doesn’t know what to expect. At Wednesday the resistance was most noticable. In the weekend I had recieved feedback of my Certified Guide about something I wrote down in my Definite Major Purpose (a written description of my big Plan in life) and I wanted to adjust this DMP, but I just couldn’t start writing. I started doubting if what I had written in week 2 was correct and several questions popped up. Is this really what I want in life? What if this and what if that…… I just didn’t know. I also noticed I was postponing some other tasks and I felt a bit stressed. I knew I had to do something to get out of that circle I was in at that moment. So I went to the special website for the attendees of this course, to see if someone else was also having some difficulties with this too. And yes, I wasn’t the only one. Pff. Not only I wasn’t the only one, someone had responded to another persons question and there I found a very beautiful sentence. A response of Mark J. on an earlier e-mail of one of the attendees.


The discovery of the self lies in the Unknown, not in the Known.

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