MasterKey Experience of Chantal


Week 2 – Blue here, rectangle there, blue rectangle everywhere

Did you ever have the experience when you bought or wanted to buy something very special, let’s say a very unique car, all of a sudden you see this car everywhere you go? In front of you in a traffic jam, on a billboard, in a magazine, etc. Well, this isn’t “all of a sudden” as it may seem. Probably your subconscious mind (= subby) is now selecting out this special car out of the thousands of impressions it gets so that you can recognize it in your conscious mind.


Something like this is happening in my mind this week, but then with “blue”, “rectangles” and “blue rectangles”. Oh oh and it sure is mindblowing. One assignment for this week is to recognize “blue” and “rectangles” as much as possible, connecting that with the words “Do it now” and with another task and my personal pivotal needs.  Reason for this is to “reprogram” my subby, starting with small and easy steps, so that I have billions of synaptic connections in my subby working for me in a pre-defined direction.


So on Monday-morning, still in the high energy from the webinar the evening before, I was on my way to my job, seeing all those blue road signs, blue cars, blue clothing of bikers, rectangle license plates, rectangle signs on the road and my mind was saying Do it now, do it now, do it now at a very high speed. Continue reading